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Dan Greene and C.J. Bai smile for the camera after earning the Eagle Scout rank.

Evan Kessinger - Eagle Scout 2017

Evan Kessinger designed and helped lead a group of scouts to create a sign. He also lead a fundraiser during opening day of Southboro little league that was a huge success.

John Bai - Eagle Scout 2016

John Bai created and realized the idea of clearing and marking each quarter mile in the Sudbury Reservoir Trail in Southboro. He got six thousand pounds of gravel and helped spread ito to alleviate drainage issues in the area. He gained the approval of the Southboro Trails Committee to do so.

Daniel Jayson Greene - Eagle Scout 2016

Dan Greene's Eagle Scout Project, an obstacle course in the field of Woodward Elementary School, was designed and constructed for kid of all ages to enjoy while bored. Daniel led the Eagle Scout Project and it was completed in fall of 2016.

Carl Joseph Bai - Eagle Scout 2016

Carl's Eagle Scout Project, a Ball Wall at Woodward School in Southborough,

Massachusetts, was requested by Ms. Goode the Physical Education Instructor to

eliminate damage to the school building from students throwing and kicking balls at


Garret John Powers - Eagle Scout 2016

Garrett led a restoration of the gazebo at St. Matthew's church and decorated it for Christmas.

Nick Mazri - Eagle Scout 2016

Nick led the construction of the memorial for the Police Officers of Southborough at the main cemetery. 

Nicholas James Hill - Eagle Scout 2015

Nick Hill lead a team of scouts in renovating a trail off of Red Gate Lane. The Renovations included adding water bars to keep water off of the trail, fixing a rock wall at the beginning at the trail, and cleaning out a drain at the beginning of the trail. 

Eric William Lee Congratulations - Eagle Scout!!!!! 2015

Eric first got the idea of doing something for the children of the town when he was a camp counselor for the Southborough Recreation summer camp last year. Working with the group of young children, he got the inspiration to educate the community and distribute child ID kits to help keep the children safe for his Eagle Project.

To fundraise for the project, Eric held a bake sale at the Southborough Transfer Station. It was very successful and with a generous donation from the Southborough Police Association, it allowed him to purchase the child ID kits and equipment to complete the kits for the parents.


Eric’s Eagle Project was to educate the Southborough community about child safety and abduction. With guidance from Officer Kevin Landry of the Southborough Police Department, Eric distributed child identification kits to the families of the town at several different local events. He also provided a free service to complete the kits for the parents on the spot, which included fingerprinting and taking a photograph of each child to go in the kits. Eric’s team appeared at Southborough’s Annual Heritage Day, the Finn School Halloween Party, Peek-a-Boo Daycare, and at the Annual Gobble Wobble 5K Road Race. Eric also spoke at the local Cub Scout pack meetings, where he led the youngsters in some fun child safety trivia games. The project was a great success, and many families received kits and had their children fingerprinted. Eric distributed 188 child ID kits in total. The project went from October to January to complete.

Eric and the volunteers spent a total of 205 hours on the project. 

Brett Jennings Oberon - Eagle Scout 2014

Brett's Project was working on a Flag Memorial Garden at the Southborough Fire Station. Partner Southborough Fire Department

Dan Willis, Eric Kerstens and Pat Moran Eagle BOR

Patrick Martin Moran - Congratulations to Troop 1's 75th Eagle 2014

Project Prayer Garden at St. Matthews - Partner St.Matthews Church

Daniel Robert Willis - Eagle 2014 Congratulations #74

The project's goal is to raise public awareness about composting and to promote the practice of composting at home. I will create small odorless compost containers that go in the kitchen. The construction of the containers will be performed by the scouts in the troop under my supervision. I will also create a educational pamphlet about composting. I will distribute the compost containers and pamphlets free of charge at the Southborough Transfer Station.

Eric Peter Alexander Kerstens - Eagle 2014 Congratulations #73

Stage and Movie Screen Project - Partner Southborough Recreation

Christopher A. Schoener - Congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout 2014

Project : Bridge and Trail at Liberty Estates #72

Freddie G. Pim - Congratulations 2014 Eagle Scout.

Project: Flag Pole at Fire Station

Michael Piekarz 2013 - Congratulations !! #71

Project - New Youth Area at the Southborough Public Library

 Please join me in congratulating our latest Eagle Scout Michael Piekarz.

 Michael came home from Troy NY for the evening and provided great answers to his Eagle BOR questions.

 (His dad Craig is driving Michael back and forth on the same day, so Michael could complete the BOR!)

As part of his Eagle project, Michael created a wonderful teen center at the Southborough library.

 Over the years, he has been a very active participant in the troop, always eager to assist his fellow scouts.

 Also congratulations to his family, who have been major contributors to (cub-)scouting over the years.

 Congratulations Michael! Well done.


Robert Kerstens 2013 #70

Hi Everyone,


It is with great enthusiasm that I let you know we have a new Eagle Scout in Troop 1, Robert Kerstens!


I had the pleasure of sitting in on Robert's Eagle BOR and he answered all the questions thoughtfully and honestly.

The board members were impressed with his honesty, humility and sense of humor.


Robert has been a tremendous asset to the Troop and has grown as a leader within the Troop.  I would like to Thank him

for all he has contributed and continues to contribute to Troop 1.


Please join me in Congratulating Robert on this awesome achievement!!



Liz Moran

Eagle Coach


Zachary Lentz Eagle Project - 2012 - Congratulations!

Project #69 Building a bridge to maintain conservation land in Southborough

It is my great pleasure to announce yet another new Eagle Scout: Zachary Lentz


Please join me in congratulating Zach as he has passed his Eagle Board of Review tonight. 


I would like to give a special thank you to Zach who has been very active as a JASM for over 2 years (Junior Assistant ScoutMaster)


Zach set a great example of what the positive effect a JASM can have on the troop. He was always ready to support the (A)SPLs and Patrol Leaders.


More importantly, he demonstrated the continued drive, patience and knowledge to teach outdoor and coaching skills to the young scouts.


I would also like to congratulate his parents and sisters for their support of Zach and the Troop, in particular Dave for his roles as Treasurer and now Chairman.


Congratulations Zach and good luck with your college applications this fall. Of course we hope you will still find the time remain stay active in the troop.





Fredrick M. "Ricky" Scott V Eagle Scout Project - CONGRATULATIONS Eagle Scout 2012! #68

Troops for Troops - Collecting Supplies and Letters for Military Troops Overseas

Hi Everyone,
It is with great pleasure to announce Ricky Scott as our next Eagle Scout.

Ricky passed his Eagle Board Of Review tonight. He gave well thought out answers to interesting questions about his Eagle project, leadership and scouting.

Over the years, he set an important leadership example for others. His continuous drive to learn and his ability to lead, coach, and serve others always shows.

I would therefore like to thank Ricky for his many contributions to the troop, especially during his term as SPL, but also in his support of subsequent SPLs.

Please join me in congratulating Ricky with this major accomplishment. 

Hi Ricky,
On a personal note to you, I am very proud of you and all you have accomplished in your scouting career and the example you set. Congratulations !!!

With your eagerness to learn about leadership and to serve, it has always been a pleasure to coach you. That drive also showed in your answers tonight.


Scoutmaster - Troop 1 Southborough


Jon Willis Eagle Scout Project - 2012


My project was the redefinition of the hiking trail in the Templeman's wood property owned by the Southborough Open Land Foundation, and Watkin's woods, owned by the town of Southborough.  The trail starts at route 85 in Southborough, before the MASS Pike bridge.  The entrance is on an 8 acre land owned by SOLF, that is primarily wetland.  At 150 yards into the trail, the wetlands are crossed for about 10 feet.  Previously a few logs were in the place, but a small footbridge was installed, along with the trimming of some bushes to make it more navigable.  The trail then continues another hundred yards that were trimmed.  After the 100 yards, the wetlands create a small puddle in the trial, and a small footbridge was installed.  20 feet after this crossing, there is a 35 foot wetland.  Previously, there were two rotted foot bridges.  These were taken off the property, disposed of, and replaced with two new foot bridges.  After the crossing, the trail does not interfere with any more wetlands, but trimming of plants was necessary.  After another 300 yards, the trail crosses a stone wall and into the Southborough property.  The trail is marked with logs on the side, but some trees had fallen in the path of the trail, and they were cut down, and added as trail markers.  100 yards into the Southborough property, there is a plaque on a boulder commemorating the Watkins woods property.  This plaque area was swept and raked.  The rest of the trail is 300 yards long, and climbs a steady hill, and has a switchback.  The trail ends at another stone wall, where it connects to a loop trail.

Nate Lowell Eagle Scout Project - 2012 CONGRATULATIONS #66

Charlie Pim Eagle Scout Project - 2012 #65

Building Bat Boxes for Southborough - Bats are good neighbors to have around. A single brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in one hour. They are a great natural pest controller.

Evan G. Haas Eagle Project 2011 #64

Helping a church in Framingham with a Restoration Project.

Congratulations on receiving the rank of Eagle

Ben Willis Eagle Project 2011 - Congratulations on Eagle. #63

Ben’s Eagle Scout Service Project

The Bay Circuit Trail connects parks, open spaces and waterways throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Ben constructed a bridge over a stream on the Framingham/ Southborough border for his leadership project. Before the project, there was no footbridge and hikers had to cross the brook by stepping on rocks in the streambed. The crossing is 18 feet long and during the spring runoff the rocks were under water. Also, in the winter the rocks were covered with ice. Both conditions made for an unsafe crossing.

Ben obtained permission from Staples, Inc., the property owner and completed the wetland permitting process with the town of Framingham Conservation Commission. He raised money for the construction materials by holding a successful carwash (with the help of 22 Scouts). He also received a donation from Staples.


During October 2010, he held multiple work parties and the bridge was constructed. Over the weekend of October 30-31, the 26 foot bridge was placed on a trailer and Ben drove it over to the property. Again with the help of multiple scouts, the bridge was carried to the site and secured.

The project involved 231 hours of effort by scouts, friends, and parents! It is located behind the building it 175 Crossing Boulevard in Framingham, just follow the Bay Circuit Trail blazes to the bridge.

Mark Kerstens Eagle Project 2011 #62

Mark is blazing a trail through the woods near Kidder Lane to connect the Bay Path Trail. 

Received Eagle - Congratulations


Stephanos D. Bacon - Eagle 2011 Congratulations!

Christopher N. McKay 2011 - Congratulations!

Michael A. Rea Eagle Project 2010

Restore and Stock a Trailer for the Southborugh Fire Department. To be used as an emergency response station.

Eagle - Congratulation!

Ryan Moran Eagle Scout Project 2010

Restoring a Cemetary in Hopkinton.

Congratulations on Eagle

Patrick D. Andrews Eagle Project - 2010

Congratulations on completing Eagle

Matt McHugh Eagle Scout Project - 2009

Documenting and Maintaining Fire Hydrants in Southborough

Congratulations on Eagle

James S. Purpura Eagle Scout - 2008


Eagle Scouts 2007

Stephen G. Moran and Christopher Fiore Congratulations

Eagle Scouts 2006

Andrew Golibersuch, Dustin H. Weigl, Timothy Dean Deschamps and Matthew Rossetti Congratulations

Eagle Scout 2005

Daniel P. Herard Congratulations

Eagle Scout 2004

Congratulations Christopher Weigl - Forever in Troop 1's heart RIP.

Troop 1 Eagle Scouts!! - Congratulations - We are proud of all of you and would love to hear from you!

1998 - Ethan Neff

1997 - Christopher Daniels

1996 - James Scott Davidson

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1991 - Michael P. LeDuc

1991 - Christopher D. Beasley

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