Troop 1 Southborough - Est. 1915

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The Explorer Scouts is a group of older scouts who seek an extra thrill. They go on long, remote hikes, snowshoe over mountains, and participate in all sorts of action-packed events.


2/20/17-2/21/17 Winter Snowshoe Trip

As some of you may know, the Explorer scouts just finished our winter snowshoe trip over Mount Hale, and it was a blast. We began by hiking down Zealand Road for 2 miles until hitting the trail head. We strapped on our snowshoes and were ready to climb Mt. Hale. We took Hale Brook Trail for 2.2 miles until we hit the top. Snowshoeing was very strenuous but a blast. The views and sights on the way up were great, and the peak was a nice area to stop and break up the hike. No views up there unfortunately.

We then took Lend-A-Hand trail for 2.7 miles when we hit Zealand hut! The hut overlooked the gorgeous mountain range and was embedded within a cold valley. Upon entering the hut we were greeted by the warmth of the fire and the friendly faces of fellow hikers. We got comfortable and began the dinner process. At AMC huts, all cooking tools are available to borrow to cook your meal. We all helped carry up stir fry. We boiled the rice, cooked the chicken, and cooked the veggies. It was delicious with our fruit tea! As the night kept going we played cards in the dining area and sat around the fire. The hut was incredibly relaxing and cozy. Also, the stars were beautiful there!

The next morning we all managed to wake ourselves up at around 4am for a sunrise hike. We left the hut to hike up to Zeacliff Pond Lookout. The hike was essentially 90% uphill making this one a challenge. But oh was it worth it! The sunset was absolutely amazing. See the attached image.

After the morning hike we came back to the hut to pack our things up and enjoy a bowl of hot oatmeal and sausages. We left the hut to make our way back. We took Zealand trail for an easy 2.5 miles back to the road. The sights were great as we passed many frozen bodies of water. We finally hit the road and traveled about 3 miles down the road to get back to the cars. We were all sore and beaten up getting back.

This trip was a great success. The hiking was phenomenal and the sights were beautiful. This trip was one of the best trips scouting has brought me yet. I gained so many great memories and I'm sure the rest of the explorer scouts did as well.

11/18/17-11/20/17 Explorer Scouts Thanksgiving Dinner

The explorer scouts prepared a complete thanksgiving dinner on the shelter building trip including 2 "trash can" turkeys, roasted vegetables, baked potatoes, apples, and apple cobbler for desert. It was a hit with the scouts and a great way to get into the thanksgiving spirit.
9/20/17-9/23/17 Presidential Hike
This was the first organized hiking trip done with the explorer scouts. The trip spanned three days and allowed the scouts to hit eight different peaks within the presidential mountain range, including the infamous Mount Washington. It had a huge turnout and gave scouts their first real taste of adventure. Overall this trip was a great adventure and a real success.